Stacey Conner

Year 3 Class Teacher & SENCO

Masters in Cinema related to Social Justice, University of Glasgow, Scotland

Masters in Education, University of Nevada

USA Stacey Conner is originally from Lake Tahoe, California, USA. Upon receiving her first Masters qualification, she traveled to both East Africa and South America to live and volunteer in various schools. After developing a passion for cultural exchange and teaching, she returned to the United States where she earned a Masters in Education. Since 2008, she taught students with special needs within both primary and secondary schools, and has worked extensively to develop Social and Emotional Learning programs in schools. Stacey has served as the Head of Life Skills at Sparks High School, as well as the faculty advisor for various clubs and the senior class. Stacey enjoys traveling, new experiences, being outdoors, and telling herself she has been trying to write a book for the last five years. She has also spent time volunteering in the areas of civil equality and youth advocacy with local non-profit organisations.