Patricia Barnwell

Year 2 Class Teacher

Bachelor of Education (with History), St. Patrick’s College, Dublin

In 2013 Trisha graduated with a Bachelor of Education from St. Patrick’s College, Dublin. Since then Trisha gained experience in various positions in Irish schools. In the past three years she has mainly worked with children aged between 9 and 11 years in her role as Class Teacher and Special Education Teacher. She has enjoyed working with this age group and appreciates the need to promote self-awareness skills and self-efficacy skills as children learn to cope with the challenges of the expanding curriculum. From her experience in Special Education, Trisha endeavours to provide the care and skills needed to create a positive and inclusive learning environment for all children. In her free time Trisha loves to travel, read and be active. She is looking forward to life in Vietnam and opportunities to explore new places and cultures. She is excited to join the Saigon Star International School community.