“The things we really love about Saigon Star International School are the small class sizes which allows teachers and students to have more interaction and to create an environment that foster better learning. The friendly, family-like atmosphere here is something that you would not easily find in other schools around HCM city. At first, we just let our two younger children attend the school but after one year we decided to transfer our eldest daughter from another international school. We believed Saigon Star is a superior school in both learning and environment. Our three children really enjoy going to school each day, they love the activities and the people that they interacted with from the multi-cultural diversity of other students, to the knowledgeable teachers and friendly staff. We have since moved to another country but, one day, when we do move back, we are sure our children would be very excited to attend Saigon Star.”

“Saigon Star is unique: a small but true international school in many senses, from its world-class curriculum and teaching standards, to the diverse languages and cultures represented by its students, teachers and parents. It is also a happy family, which is welcoming, caring and supportive. As a parent, it is great to see my son’s steps on his path to becoming a global citizen are marked with the love of learning, good values and a happy childhood.”

“From our first contact with the school when looking for a place for our daughter, we knew Saigon Star was the right environment for her. From the teachers to the support staff, we only have good things to say. Saigon Star is an intimate but impressive international school environment. It respects the English primary curriculum which was important to us, recognises its students as individuals and creates an environment where we saw our daughter develop both academically and socially.”

“Jasmine has been at Saigon Star for since we moved to HCMC in 2011 and we intend to continue her schooling here. The reason being is because we are very happy with the environment she’s been in: – the super friendly school teachers and staff – the family-oriented environment that the teachers, parents and students have created together, – the professional and at the same time fun teaching which has encouraged Jasmine to always want to do more and take pride in what she does. Thank you to all the school staff and teachers for making us truly happy and proud parents. We are certain that Jasmine will continue to shine here as one of the Saigon School stars.”

“Saigon Star is a wonderful, small, family-style school that we chose for our son, Alaric, because of small classroom sizes and the topic based curriculum. My son came from a different international school in HCMC and had fallen a bit behind in some areas due to his attendance in classrooms with over 20 students. Saigon Star worked with him and other children with similar situations and got him back on track. We are back in the United States and he is ahead now! In addition, the International Primary Curriculum at Saigon Star gave my son an open mindset, world knowledge, and exposure to other cultures which are hard to come by in the US. The topic based instruction is fantastic and my son loved focusing and learning about different topics throughout the year. I loved the easy communication tools the school uses, the friendliness of staff and teachers, and the way the different grades and classes are able to work together. We were sad to leave Saigon Star and Alaric says if we go back to Vietnam, he definitely wants to go back to Saigon Star.”

“I chose Saigon Star for my son, Angus, as they offered unique opportunities that separated them from other International Schools. I was particularly attracted to the small class sizes, British primary curriculum and cultural diversity, that I felt were important for an expat child. I also enjoy the family-like atmosphere in that all the children know each-other, and the parents and the school team can develop close relationships that other schools cannot offer.”

“Bryan showed he was bright and eager to learn since an early age. At Saigon Star, his unique qualities were recognised and encouraged. Skilled teachers knew how to stretch his thinking beyond the basics of maths and science whilst ensuring he remained sociable and well-grounded. The school also offers a wide range of extra-curricular activities such as the study of a second language, arts and drama, sports and swimming. This has made Bryan not merely a gifted student but a child able to contribute to his society.”

“My daughters spent three years at Saigon Star and had such a wonderful experience. They received a depth and diversity of education that put them well ahead of their peers back home. They were well nurtured in their talents and encouraged in their weaknesses. Because of their education at Saigon Star, both daughters tested very high and were accepted into the accelerated learning program at their new school.”

“I remember the first days of our daughter’s school start at Saigon Star. In just two weeks, she went from complaining about her Vietnamese kindergarten loudly every morning, to looking forward to the bus ride every morning to Saigon Star. Here, years later, she still loves the bus ride every day.”

“Saigon Star is a truly wonderful school. My daughter has been there for the past 7 years and is now in Year 7. On all points the school is outstanding: quality of teachers – university trained and experienced teachers who are enthusiastic and dedicated; friendly supportive atmosphere; excellent facilities, roomy classrooms, swimming pool, sports field (note real grass). Importantly the school is multi-cultural in terms of students. Fees are affordable for most families. Perhaps the best endorsement is from my daughter who has never ever said “I don’t want to go to school today!”